Thursday, July 26, 2012

Trapeze: Starting to swing.

I forgot my camera, and my phone didn't want to cooperate, so there isn't any video from last night. The bottom line is I caught the set whip again--twice, and started working in hands. I also started swinging. Swinging is hard work. I thought I was tired before class. Wow. After just a couple of passes I wanted to let go and drop into the net. It is hard on the hands, and even harder on the core. Dan said I am picking it up pretty quickly. It will be odd going back to class with Donovan on Saturday. I was actually hoping to pick up next Wednesday, but when I got home it had just been picked up by someone else. Oh well. I still have another class with the Wednesday group in two weeks. And if another class comes up I will probably be a sucker and pick it up.

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