Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bee Transport

A couple weeks ago I was stuck in traffic on the way to work. I mean I was just sitting there because they had completely closed down I-95. I was behind this truck and I found the colorful boxes rather curious. It looked like it was transporting bees. Well--that would explain the bees buzzing all around the cars.

I snapped this photo as I passed the truck. Yep. Bees. In the boxes. Out of the boxes, but behind the netting. And bees outside the netting. I knew that people shipped bees through the US mail, but I had never thought of them being transported en masse on a truck--but still sort of free to roam about.


zannelaw said...

wow that is so interesting!! wonder what the story is there

William Cullen said...

Beekeepers transport their Apiaries seasonally to get the maximum pollination and save their bees from colder climates.