Sunday, July 1, 2012

Set Split--with Miscalculation by Donovan

The set-split seemed to be easier for me to get than the set straddle. Everyone said my first try was awesome--of course after that I kept messing up.  It was warm in the tent, and I was doing lots of exercises between turns. We were short a couple of people, so the time between turns was shorter. I was very tired and very sweaty by the end of class. I'm getting better at climbing the silks, I got higher up this week.

I got one try to catch--and we just touched finger-tips. Donovan said it was his fault. He said I had a fast take off and to remind him of that next time.

I really tried to stretch the backs of my legs and pushed myself during Wednesday's yoga class.  I was super sore after yoga, and I'm still sore now, but I think it helped and my split looks pretty good. I may start a new trick next week, I may not. I'm not sure. I really think I need to practice this one more. I need to practice keeping my back leg glued to the bar.

Calluses are forming at the base of my fingers. I'm toughening up my manotas.  At least I haven't broken a nail.  Cello required calluses and short nails.

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Nicole said...

OOOooooooo!!! SO CLOSE!!!