Sunday, July 15, 2012

Celebrity Visit

I haven't posted a celebrity sighting in a long time. Last night I had a lot of very vivid dreams. In one dream I had the habit of grabbing a guy's junk--especially when we were going down the stairs. Odd, I know. In the dream I had 4 or 5 guy friends who knew it was just something flirtatious that I did all the time and they were fine with it. One guy thought that my crotch-grab was a come-on. I had to explain to him that it was no such thing. Then a little later (after I had grabbed him again I presume) he really tried to put the moves on me--I'll spare you the details.  When I rebuffed him again he told me that he didn't like me grabbing his junk, and neither did Colbert. That's right, Stephen Colbert. Apparently I grabbed his junk on a regular basis. Stephen walked by, but didn't say anything. I had a whole argument with the guy that if Colbert didn't like it, he should tell me himself. Then I had an argument with myself about whether I should be grabbing Colbert since he was married. Such an odd dream--where I liked to grab guys's junk--including Colbert's.

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Ainsmar said...

Oh WTF. I really should come here more often. Is this the beginning of your move into "50 Shades of Grey" territory?