Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bailey Gets X-Rayed

Today has been a bit of a roller coaster for us.  Actually, it all started yesterday. Bailey puked up some clear liquid at 5am. When Ross checked on her at noon she hadn't thrown up, but didn't seem right. He said her tummy was gurgley. Bailey had 5 more episodes of vomiting between 7pm last night and 4am this morning.

When we took her in this morning the Vet said she was dehydrated. We let the vet know that Bailey may have eaten a cherry pit on Sunday night.  We were all bad. I made a cherry cake and apparently missed one of the pits. When Ross bit into the pit he put it onto his plate--then put the plate on the floor. Then (we think) Bailey ate it.

X-rays showed something suspicious in Bailey's belly. The vet said they would keep her to rehydrate her and then do follow up x-rays to see if the spot moved.  If the spot didn't move then Bailey would need surgery.

We came home and fretted until we heard that the noon x-ray was promising--the spot had moved. The 3pm and 6pm x-rays didn't show as much movement as the vet wanted. The good news was that she was taking food and water and hadn't had any more episodes of vomiting. We decided to bring her home. As soon as we got home I put her in her litter box--the 6pm x-ray showed her with a very full bladder. I'm happy to report that she immediately peed.

She ate at the vet's and then she ate when she got home. She's been drinking water. I've rubbed her belly. Now if only she would poop.

Tomorrow morning I will take Bailey back in for a follow up x-ray and they will remove her IV if she's hydrated. I'm just hoping she passes the spot by tomorrow morning.
She's not happy about the IV--even though they wrapped it up in fancy blue coband with stars:

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Nicole said...

Awwww. So glad Bailey is okay.