Sunday, July 8, 2012

High Heat Trapeze

Ross, Ainsmar, and I went to an outdoor trapeze class at 10:45 this morning. The predicted high in DC for today was 95, but I'm fairly certain it reached 102 (the car said 106 when we got in it.) The class kinda sucked. It was really hot and the class had 7 newbies.  I think the heat distracted everyone and people were moving slowly--which meant we didn't get as many turns as we normally do. 

I warmed up with the set split, then Donovan set me to work on the set hocks off. I was springing out of my hold, which caused me to rotate. By the end of class I finally got the trick--but I didn't get the chance to try and catch. Joelle, who is in my IFW class, was there and we got to chat some. We are trying to think of a theme for our show in August.

Ross worked on his set straddle, and caught it twice. Oh, and he also started working on the set whip. Next time he needs to try the one handed take-off.

Ainsmar did pretty well. He was able to do all the steps of the knee hang on his first try. It took him several swings, but he did them all. I hope he had fun--despite the heat.

Me after take off--on my last turn (that I had greedily snuck in.)  I tweaked my back just after that. I'm hoping some muscle relaxers and pain killers will help me sleep it off tonight.
 Donovan catching Ross. A pro took this photo.
A pro also took this really awesome photo of Ross just before he hit the net.
Ainsmar's last turn with a great backflip dismount.
Me practicing my set hocks off.
Ross's set straddle catch.


Nicole said...

Great job, Ross! You guys are pros now!

Ainsmar said...

Wow. Looking at all that trapezing. There is a lot of stuff on here. I should visit more often.