Saturday, July 14, 2012

Set Hocks Off with Catch

Class went pretty well today. Donovan barely holds my belt on the take-offs (to prepare me for unassisted take off) and it feels a little scary. Apparently all my take offs were good except for my last one. We got a bonus round and I chose to practice the set split. Apparently I made a funny face before take off, which always means I'm gonna have a poopy (Meaghan's word) take off. Other than the takeoff the split went well. I think I was just tired. When I landed in the net I was seeing stars. 

I missed my first catch, but Meaghan took responsibility for it.  I made the catch on the second try, but I don't like how it looks. I don't like how this trick looks in general. I'll be going to class on Wednesday, and Meaghan said I can move on. I guess the set planche or the set whip is next. 

I got lots of compliments on my snakeskin leggings--which I got at Goodwill for one dollar!

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