Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Nose

I find it hard to believe I haven't written a post about my nose yet. Sometimes my nose is on. I feel like I can smell everything. This week my nose has been on. Ross hates it. I walk around wrinkling up my nose and sniffing the air (kind of like a dog). One morning this week the hospital smelled like the dog food factory. The bathroom closest to my office has odd smells. This week it smelled like an Italian restaurant. Luckily patients aren't normally transported on the elevator that I use. I can't stand getting on an elevator that smells like infection.

Yoga was icky yesterday. It smelled so bad in the room--like a wet sweaty shirt. I sprayed (nice) smelly stuff on my towel and kept sniffing it. The worst part of tubing for me was the smell while waiting for the bus.

I don't think much about my nose. Sometimes it is on, and sometimes it isn't. I don't know why, but it sure keeps things interesting.

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Nicole said...

Since I work in a non-clinical department, we're housed off-site in an office building. But all of our meetings are usually at the hospital. And it smells like...well, like a hospital. I sometimes forget I work for a hospital until I have to go there.