Friday, July 9, 2010

On With the Epic Novel

Not long after our vacation I finished the fifth novel in Stephen King's Dark Tower series. I think it was 700 pages. I didn't like the cover of the book. The hand looks like a claw. The book had some illustrations. I thought they were terrible. I couldn't have done better, but I know someone could have. So I was reading about wolves and vampires, and I was a little baffled, cause I thought Val was the one reading the Twilight novel. I was into it, but it got dumb. Star Wars and Harry Potter and Stephen King? I thought that was really, really lame. He mentions himself and one of his other novels in the book, I think one of the characters is a cross-over. I was disappointed. Two books left. Two very long books. I hope the next one doesn't have the same crappy crossover stuff.

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shelly said...

I thought maybe you were trying to right the epic novel yourself.