Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Belly of the Beast, The Bowels of the Building, The Basement

This is a photo of the big hallway/tunnel in the basement. The photo makes it look a lot brighter and cleaner than it really is. The blue carts on the right are clean linen carts, ready to be taken to the floors of the hospital. On the left are cage carts that I've seen people transport packages in. Overhead are all sorts of pipes--water pipes, steam pipes, wires and who knows what else. I really like this hallway. It is always warm. When I walk through and all the carts are lining the sides it feels really cozy. The far end of the hall smells like oil. For some reason I kinda like that too. This hall is very close to my office. I use it as a major shortcut to radiology. It also leads to an underground tunnel that connects with the outpatient building--so I don't have to walk outside if the weather is nasty. I like being in the bowels of the building.

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