Saturday, March 6, 2010

My Milk Comes From Where?

Y'all know I'm a milkaholic. Well, last month, as part of my investigation into how corn is in everything I looked into what dairy cows eat. Most dairy cows are fed corn, and some farmers give them more corn products than others. Well, today I was just cruising the web, procrastinating (I really need to clean house.), and I decided to look at the Wife of a Dairyman's blog again. She had a link to find out where your milk comes from. You just type in a code and the site tells you where the milk came from! You can also look up other dairy products. So--I looked up my organic milk that I buy at Costco. It comes from Colorado! The dairy sells local milk, and when I'm there every week in the Summer I try to buy my natural or organic milk there. The thing is, it costs almost twice as much as Costco milk. I want to support the local dairy farmers, and be good to the environment, but I drink A LOT of milk, and that difference adds up fast.


It just occurred to me. If I know exactly where my milk comes from, I could find out exactly what my dairy cows eat.


My milk comes from dairy cows that eat: Alfalfa hay, barley, wheat, coastal grass hay, corn, ensiled forages, native grass, hay, pasture, peanut grass hay, prairie grass hay, soy bean meal, soy hulls,vitamin and mineral supplement.

Also, the cows are able to go outside 365 days a year. That's all cool with me.