Thursday, March 25, 2010

Done and Not Really Done

Today I finished the fourth book in Stephen King's series The Dark Tower. Wizard and Glass corresponds to the first book in the graphic novel series. That means I already knew the story. That made it really hard for me to read. Well, I'm finally done. It was a great book (even with the cowboy porn)--and 700 pages! I've read 2,000 pages in paperback so far! I think the last three books might be another 2,000! Finishing the series will be a big accomplishment for me.
Such wonderful writing has inspired me a little. Last year I thought about writing an ode to lemon cake. I never even started. This year I started, but I haven't finished it. The last poem I wrote was a joke. I need to start writing again. I'm still as useless as Henry Fool.

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