Thursday, March 25, 2010

Judgmental Much?

Yes. I am a judgmental bitch. Don't know that state laws aren't made by the congress in D.C.? I have judgments. Can't divide my age by 4? I shake my head. Speak Spanish with a honkey accent? I judge you. Nah, I just laugh. Lately I have become totally insane about inseams. I stare at everyone's pants. It seems there is a highwater epidemic going on. I don't understand it. I've become slightly obsessed with it. I see men and women everywhere showing off their white socks and ugly shoes. Saddest part? 99 percent of these people aren't tall. I mean, if you are tall I feel for you. It is hard to find pants with long inseams (I'm still obsessed with getting 36 inch inseam jeans to wear with heels). If you aren't tall, I don't understand why you can't find pants that are long enough. I guess people don't realize how silly it looks. Maybe they just don't care. Me--I'm obsessed and paranoid that my pants are too short!

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Team Serrins Springfield said...

Lol. I'm probably one of those people. I think in my case it's that denim shrinks and I buy the jeans the right length and then they shrink and shrink and I won't get rid of them because they're worn in and comfy.