Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sun and Surf

Yesterday we got back from a 3 day trip to the beach. The sun, surf, and sand really wore us out! We played in the sand, swam in the ocean, tried to avoid the jelly fish, rode the waves on a boogie board, and walked on the beach. We had a lot of fun hanging out with the Lusters. I think my favorite part was riding the waves. Ross and I even rode the board in together once. I was the only one that didn't get a rash from being dragged through the sand, but I did get a new bruise from being slammed down into it. We got up early Monday to try and see some dolphins, but all we got was a walk on the beach. We did see a couple later on in the day. Ross flew his kite on the beach until he crashed it into the ocean. I think we'll be finding and cleaning up sand for weeks!

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