Wednesday, August 12, 2009

NYC Here We Come...Eventually.

We've been here almost 6 months (I'm in complete denial about that), and I can't believe we haven't been up to New York yet. Tickets to the Statue of Liberty Crown were selling out fast, so I booked those about 3 weeks ago. Today I used Priceline to book our hotel. I was a little nervous, not knowing what I was going to get, but I got a 4 star hotel in the financial district for 165/night! I've been checking out bakeries and restaurants online. We are going for Ross's birthday, so I want to make it fun and special. As it turns out my parents will be here at the same time. They are going to stay at our place and visit DC while we are in NYC. It all works out because Bailey won't be alone and we'll have a ride to the bus stop. I'm getting excited, and the trip is over three months away!

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