Friday, August 28, 2009

Hair Cut

Check out my new haircut! Ay, no te crees! I haven't cut my hair, but this is the haircut that I really want. I had a lot of fun yesterday and today playing with virtual makeovers online. Today I found one on that I like more than the others I tried. Some of the other sites let you try on basic hair styles and change the hair colors. Some of the sites let you try on celebrity hair styles. I just happened to find the exact one I was looking for on In Style. Best of all, it let me save the makeover to my computer. Wow, I just realized that I you can change the hair colors on In Style. If you have free time and want some free fun, check it out. You just might find your next hairdo.

1 comment:

V said...

I thought that picture was for real! Very cute, by the way.