Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sitting on the Side of the Road

I have totally fallen off the wagon. I haven't exercised regularly in over a month. My eating habits are atrocious. I have been so bloated it hurts. My salt intake has skyrocketed and my water intake has bottomed out. I can't seem to get enough salt. I'm so salty that I dreamt I was a pickle. I can't get over that. I keep saying it. I'm a salty pickle. It makes me chuckle, but it really isn't funny. I need to get back with the program.

I'm being lazy, and I'm eating tons of crappy foods, but I haven't started drinking. Every time I go to H Mart I buy mint to make mojitos. Then it always ends up going bad. There is a package of mint in the fridge right now. Some of it might still be good. Maybe I'll have a drink tonight before I start detoxing tomorrow. I have to bite the bullet, weigh in, work out, eat right, and drink at least 120 ounces of water a day in an attempt to unpickle myself. Ha!

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