Thursday, May 22, 2014

Shoe Shopping in NYC: I Love Miz Mooz

Shoe shopping is a must for me when I visit New York City. I love Miz Mooz shoes and shop for them at Infinity Shoes. They have several locations, but the one on Broadway between 3d and 4th is the best. Abbi and his guys are always helpful and patient. I was really sad when I tried on 4 or 5 pairs of shoes and left with nothing. They just didn't have the shoes I liked best in my size.

I dragged Kitson from store to store looking at shoes. The guys on Broadway between Walker and White were not nice or particularly helpful. On a whim we went into DSW. The ONE pair of shoes I picked up happened to be Miz Mooz. Kitson spotted a couple more pair (looking for that distinctive orange box) and I found my new shoes!

I walked the soles off of my tall Miz Mooz boots on this visit to NYC. I took them in yesterday to be resoled. I just love those boots and it is worth the money to have them resoled.

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Ainsmar said...

A lady in nice lady shoes. Cute cute.