Thursday, May 22, 2014

Eddie Izzard: Force Majeure

When I checked out the goings-on for our trip to New York City I discovered that Eddie Izzard was going to be performing at the Beacon Theatre. I bought tickets to the show before I bought plane tickets or booked a hotel. We were a bit worn out from our day, but we enjoyed the show. I particularly liked the running bit about Marc Antony as a chicken. Izzard also talked about how he has been doing shows in foreign languages, completely--except for one word--Fuck. He talked about how he adds it in--I think my favorite was ausge-fucking-zeichnet.
So here is Eddie, playing God, or Darth Vader, not sure which. You can see his lovely red nails. The ring finger on his right hand had the union jack. His left ring finger was blue with a crescent on it-as far as I could tell.
He looked so dapper.

I almost bought merch. Everything said Cake or Death on it. I wanted a baseball cap, but I didn't like that it had a cupcake on it instead of a real cake. I ended up getting a NYC cap in a discount shop.

Eddie is still touring and I just realized he is actually coming to Texas.

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Ainsmar said...

He was awesome in the Hannibal TV series. Even his brutal death was a masterpiece.

Did not know he was a bit of a tranny. Interesting.