Thursday, May 8, 2014

I Dig Candlepin Bowling

I like bowling, but it is really difficult for me because in order to find a ball that my enormous hand fits in, I usually have to get a 13+ pound ball. I end up lobbing the ball down toward the pins, missing them, and hurting myself in the process.

While visiting Valerie and Family this past week we went candlepin bowling. The ball is small like the balls in duckpin bowling.
Look I can palm the ball. No worries about finding a ball. Especially with my really long nails.

Two other cool things about candlepin bowling: you get three tries to knock down all the pins, and they don't clear the pins between tries, so you can hit a downed pin and it can spin around and knock down an upright pin. As you can see in the photos the pins are tall and narrow, with no sexy curves.

We bowled with the rails up, so I did pretty well. And just in case you are wondering, you CAN bowl with the rails up and still miss all the pins.

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