Saturday, May 31, 2014

New Ottoman

If you've been to my house, you know about the box. Is good box. Is from Fort Worth (aka 2009). At one time box held nine 32oz. containers of Mango Margarita. Is sturdy box. Was ottoman/end table for last year. Now we finally have a real ottoman.
Here is Bailey fearlessly bridging the gap. We thought about slowly pushing the ottoman away from the couch to see what she would do, but then we decided to be nice and let her sleep.
A close-up of the cow hide. I really like it. I've always wanted a piece of cow-hide furniture. The one downside is that it kind of smells funny--even after a dowsing with Febreeze.
The sides are distressed leather. It doesn't look like it in the photo, but I think it goes pretty well with the couch.

So we haven't gotten rid of good box. Now good box holds laptop. Is such good box.

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