Friday, February 1, 2013

Moulin Rouge Sing Along

So last night I had so much fun--at the Moulin Rouge Sing Along at Alamo Drafthouse Theater.  Just in case you don't know Alamo is a place where you can watch a movie and have dinner and drinks at the same time.  They also have special screenings and when I saw that they were having a Moulin Rouge Sing Along I was totally game.  Unfortunately I bought tickets too late to get seats on the balcony.

We ordered salad, a pizza, and a Guinness shake (which is made from a mix, which disturbs me, but it tastes so good I overlook that tidbit.)  The Grand Master (that's what I'm calling him) came out in a top hat and told us the rules before we started.  We were given props--a glow stick, a flashing diamond ring, and a maraca.  He let us know when we were supposed to use the props and asked us not to use them throughout the movie.  Another rule--sing and quote all you want...just do it along with the movie. I think there was another rule, but I can't remember it.  Then he held a can can contest--3 people competed while wearing can can skirts.  One girl was really into it--doing a running man version of the can can and falling into the splits.  Of course she won.

Eating during a sing along is hard.  I wanted to sing the whole time!  So the Guinness milk shake lasted a lot longer than it normally does. I sang my little heart out. I tried to make a recording of the whole theater singing together, but the audio recording on my camera really sucks.  I hadn't seen the movie in years, so there was a lot I had forgotten.  I actually practiced some of the songs at home this week--I wanted to be prepared.  The audience was generally well behaved.  A couple of girls in our row were pretty loud and rambunctious.  And there was a lady down front who started laughing constantly and inappropriately, which caused a little bit of a stir and she stopped.

Ross and I both had a really good time at this sing along.  I'm looking forward to another special event at Alamo.

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