Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lunch and Bowl: The Goodnight

The Goodnight is a restaurant/bar/bowling alley/game place near where we live.  We decided to go and try it out for lunch yesterday. We arrived early, which was perfect--no other folks were bowling. We ordered food and bowled while we waited for it.  So fun!  I tried to relax and not throw the ball and I bowled a good game (for me.) The restaurant has lunch specials--an entree and a side for 10 dollars. And bowling is basically 5 dollars per person for half an hour including shoes.  I ordered a burger and salad, and Ross ordered a chicken fried antelope sandwich with mashed potatoes. The food was great. We were so busy eating and bowling that I forgot to take a photo of our food. Look at the balls--they are colored like pool balls. We actually had to hand score the game, but that's okay.  Ross knows how.  He won, but I wasn't too far behind.  It was nice that I was easily able to find a ball that fit my fingers and wasn't too heavy.

We will definitely do this again--but only lunch.  Food and bowling are way more expensive at night there.

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Reggie said...

I haven't been bowling in years. In college I absolutely loved bowling. Back then I think I paid $4 for a half hour's worth of bowling.

That's affordable fun filled entertainment.