Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Year of the Zoo: Austin Zoo

On Saturday we went to the Austin Zoo and Animal Sanctuary.  All the animals at the zoo are rescued animals.  December 1st and it was 80 degrees.  It was a great day to go to the zoo.
The marmosets were very active and making little noises.
The zoo had lots and lots of big cats, including a lynx and a panther. The male lion was very sleepy, and the female lion was taking a bath.
We could see all of the animals very up close.  The problem was that they were behind chain link fences, so a good clear photo was impossible.
Of course there were peacocks and peahens.

The Austin Zoo isn't a typical zoo.  You can get very close to the animals.  The paths are really just dirt/rock trails. It is pretty small, and there are no pachyderms.  Still, I enjoyed the zoo.

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Nicole said...

What I'm most jealous about is the fact that it was 80 degrees. It's going to be 47 here as the high today, which is actually unseasonably warm for December. That makes me sad. Can you spare some of those degrees you have other there in Texas? Send a few degrees our way?