Friday, December 14, 2012

First Swing Class

Last Saturday Ross and I went to our first swing class.  Swinging on the trapeze looks easy, but it takes a lot of muscle.  Swing class only lasts one hour and that's a good thing.  The swinging zaps all your energy and the gauze bar tears up your hands.
 Ross tore up his left hand on his last swing.
I peeled off one layer of skin on one swing and then popped off a few more layers at the base of my pinky finger--that is when I called it quits.
Ross's swing greatly improved after his first turn.
This was my best turn of the day.

My hand has pretty much healed up, Ross's hasn't fared as well.  I'm taking another class on Sunday, and I'm hoping not to rip too badly.  I need to remember to chalk up before I put on my grips.

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