Thursday, December 27, 2012

Give Me Stuff for Free

Sometimes I get 10 dollar gift certificates and I really try not to spend more than 10 dollars when I go to the store.  I used to get a lot of them from Kohl's.  I've also gotten them from DSW and Victoria's Secret.  I recently got one from Eddie Bauer.  I really didn't want to drive out to the outlet to spend the $10, and when I saw that they were having free shipping I decided to spend the gift certificate.  I bought a pair of socks--less than ten dollars.  I've already received them.  I like the stripes and they might be my new favorite pair of socks.

Usually when I spend less than the amount of the gift card I forfeit the remainder.  I refuse to spend money at VS.  Eddie Bauer actually sent me a check for $3.23!  Not a gift certificate....a check.  Real money.  So they sent socks straight to my door (FedEx) and gave me a check.  Happy Holidays to me.

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