Thursday, December 20, 2012

Packing Light

So when I go on short trips I try to pack light(ly). Here is what I'm planning on taking on a long-weekend trip.

  1. The water bottle.  I've been using a different one lately, but I opted for the smaller SIGG.
  2. Reading materials.  I'd take more, but they are heavy.
  3. Cheese--it seems like that is the only snack allowed on my current diet.
  4. Cell phone.
  5. Camera.
  6. ipod touch.  This has all my music on it so I can chill on the plane or wherever.
  7. Noise cancelling headphones.  These make the plane seem so much less noisy that I can actually sleep.
  8. The 1 quart bag with all my liquids.
  9. Jewelry bag.
  10. A comb, gum, and my starbucks certificate that I have like 2 dollars left on.
  11. Umbrella.  Forecast is calling for rain.
  12. Wet bag---having my clothes in a zip-lock saved me when I went to NYC with Valerie.
  13. Extra clothes for the weekend.
  14. Tons of socks.  I'm wearing tall boots, and I have to wear two pairs of socks because they are a little big.  I was silly and sent an extra pair of jeans in Ross's suitcase.  I should have sent all these socks and my underwear.
  15. A travel essential: perfumed hanky.
  16. My new travel silverware: matching fork, knife, and spoon.
  17. Bag.  I always have a bag inside my bag.
  18. That's my wallet.
  19. Charger for the ipod touch.  I don't want it to die when I'm playing Bedazzled at the airport.
  20. Case with my make up and toiletries.  I wish they made my kind of deodorant in a travel size.  I might have to buy a regular one and just take out the inside bar, cut it in half, and put it in a snack bag.  I actually considered buying the Dove travel sized anti-perspirant, but I decided the pain under my arms isn't worth it.
  21. Feminine items. Blegh.
  22. Bra and underwear.
  23. Not pictured: A hat to protect my straightened hair in the rain.

Some have called my purse my suitcase--and I did travel to NYC a couple of times with nothing but the purse.  My new bag is even BIGGER.  All that stuff is in my new purse.  It is heavy.  And that's with an empty water bottle, the camera is charging, and the cheese is in the fridge.  If it gets to be too much I can always pull out the wet bag and wear it as a backpack, or take out the bag inside my bag and put some things in there and throw it on my other shoulder (if it isn't already full of tea from Imperial Tea).  And once I get to the hotel (B&B) I can dump most of the stuff out and it will feel light as a feather after carrying around all that stuff.

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Nicole said...

Impressive. I need to learn to pack as lightly as you do.