Monday, April 2, 2012

Visit with the Luster Girls

I headed over to visit Valerie and the girls on Saturday afternoon. Troy was out of town and Valerie is gimpy after knee surgery, so I went to help out. It was good to see the girls and hang out with them. Evelyn was very helpful and Julia had me reading to her a whole lot. Those two really wore me out. 

On a side note--I went to Target to get some new panties for Julia. They had too many options! Low rise, boy cut, bikini.....and briefs. Heck, I was wearing granny pantie briefs until after college. Now the kids get low rise and bikini?!? Too bad I forgot it was April Fool's and didn't buy some thongs and give those to Valerie for Julia. That would have been a good laugh.


V said...

And we loved having you visit! Thanks!

Disobedient Tiger said...

best picture of evelyn ever! her hair looks great!

V said...

Thanks Ross! We measured Evelyn's hair yesterday...looks like she'll be ready to donate to Beautiful Lengths again this summer. She's so excited!