Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hot Dog!

This weekend when I went to the grocery store for Valerie I happened upon a cat toy I just had to buy: Hot Dog. Bailey has had her Hot Dog for years (5 maybe?) I just couldn't resist buying her a new one. The new Hot Dog is brighter and cleaner than her old Hot Dog. And the new Hot Dog has ears!

I caught Bailey playing with her new Hot Dog yesterday. She was so excited, kicking and biting it, that the picture I took came out blurry. The new Hot Dog also came with a Teenie Sardini. We'll see if she likes it. I know she loves her Hot Dog, but she preferred to play with him on our wooden floors.


V said...

Hot Dog!!! Yes, Rosie seconds the playing-with-toys-on-the-floor opinion. Will Bailey chew off the ears?

k. said...


Yep. New Hot Dog has already lost an ear!