Sunday, April 29, 2012

Gingie Update

My bonsai Gingie has really sprouted. I read that I'm supposed to take off some of the leaves, so I did that today. This photo is from before I took off the leaves. My ginkgo has three different shapes of leaves. Some are shaped like fans, some  have a split in the middle, and a lot of them have a notch in the middle. The notched leaves look like butterflies.

Last night I got a new travel mug. I had my last one since 2005 and it cracked. I wanted one just like the one I recently got Ross. It is a neat mug because you can write on the inside with a dry erase marker or put paper between the stainless steel cup and outer plastic part. I was trying to think of something to draw on the cup, and was thinking of drawing a dragon. The problem is that I'm not very artistic and the dry erase marker is not easy to work with on the stainless steel. I was going to give it a shot anyway when Ross suggested I just draw some ginkgo leaves. Instead I just put a few of Gingie's in between the metal and plastic layers. I didn't glue them down, so they kind of look like they are just floating there.

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