Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Introduction to Medieval Times

I hung my head in shame every time someone asked me about my weekend plans. You see, I was planning to go to Medieval Times on Saturday night. Yeah, that place where you eat while people parade around on horses and the servers talk to you in fake English accents.  I only went because our friend Richard asked me so nicely. He was in town from San Antonio and wanted us all to meet up at Medieval Times.

There were seven of us all together. I think we all enjoyed it. I'm not sure most adults would go there if there wasn't alcohol. I had a pina colada, and it was good. The food wasn't bad. I'd been expecting something barely edible, but the food was good, and I actually really enjoyed the dessert.

The horses were pretty and did some nice tricks. I liked the ring joust, but could have done without the choreographed jousting and fighting. The whole story/drama thing was so hokey.  Oh, they did have a falconer, and the falcon flew and swooped above the audience. I know Ross enjoyed that part.

I tried to be a good sport, and root for our knight--the red and yellow knight. He ended up winning in the end. Silly as it is, it felt good to be sitting in the winners section. Ha!

After the festivities at Medieval Times we headed over to Dave and Busters. I didn't like it. I was dehydrated and all the noise and mix of smells was not making me feel better. I don't remember Dave and Busters having tickets. I just remember spending money to play games. Now they give you tickets, like at Chuck-E-Cheese. Apparently Richard has like 68k tickets! We gave ours to Ainsmar, and accidentally brought some home.  Oops. I think I would have had a little more fun there if it had not been so crowded and I had not been so tired.

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