Friday, February 3, 2012

Pizza Eggs!

I read an interview with Kristen Bell and she talked about making pizza eggs. Basically, you scrape the cheese, sauce, and toppings off day-old pizza and you mix it with scrambled eggs. She said it sounds gross, but it's really good. I wanted to try it for myself. The problem is, I don't think Ross would let me buy pizza just to try this out--he'd say that's a waste of good pizza. Free pizza to the rescue. We had pizza at work the other day, and there was a lot left over, so I brought home some cheese pizza to make pizza eggs. I liked them, but thought they only slightly tasted like pizza, and Ross thought they needed more pizza sauce. I wanted veggies--and it was only cheese pizza, so I cooked up some spinach and mushrooms the night beforehand and chopped up some garlic too. The veggies are probably what made it taste less like pizza because they didn't taste like pizza topping veggies. Still, I'm glad I tried it, and I'd eat pizza eggs again.
 My additional toppings.
 Free pizza!
 I used 4 eggs.
 The cheese and sauce scraped off the pizza.
Yeah, it didn't look pretty.

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