Saturday, February 25, 2012

New Hair Cut/Do

I got my hair cut last night. Then the guy styled it by blowing it out. It's so strange. It has a kind of 70s vibe to it. It's interesting, because I've never seen my hair this way. Either it is curly, or stick straight. This is what straights do with curlers and curling irons. It seems silly for me. I'm going to flat iron in on Monday night and see how it looks straight. The bottom line is I will never wear it like this because I can't blow out my hair like this. The alternative I guess would be to flat iron it and then curl it, and I am NOT going to do that. I don't even own a curling iron. Why would I?!?

Okay, I think this shot makes me looks extremely Jewish. My nose looks big.
It kind of looks like a wig on me because it is so odd.
 It does look nice from the back, but overall I think it makes me look like an old lady.

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