Sunday, February 5, 2012

Brit's to the Rescue!

I decided to look for an alternative to corn syrup and found out that the Brits make a cane sugar syrup that can be used as a substitute. Yes, I could just make this on the stove, but after reading some horror stories and wanting something NOW, I decided to try to find the syrup at the store. I tried Wegman's last night and they had it! I'm definitely going to make more marshmallows with Lyle's Golden Syrup for Valentine's day.

Maybe when I run out of the syrup I'll try and make my own. Until then I've found one more way to cut corn out of my diet. I wonder if the Brit's eat as much corn and high fructose corn syrup as we do. Doesn't matter. I'm just glad they make this and I was able to find it so easily.

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Andrea at Nummy Kitchen said...

Thanks for the commenton the goat cheese and roasted tomato pasta, I hope that you liked it if you had a chance to give it a try. I bet it would be fabulous with homemade pasta.

Love the golden syrup! This post reminds me that I have some in the pantry to use up :)