Friday, February 3, 2012

Minted Personalized Paper Stuff

I won again! I won a $250 dollar shopping spree on from Lucky magazine.  Minted has all sorts of personalized paper goods. I love paper. Not as much as I love cake, but I do love me some paper. I liked the personalized journals they offered, so I bought a load of them and a set of personalized cards. And, I managed to share....I didn't get them all with my name on them. The cards are mine, and so are a couple of the journals, but the rest of the journals I got for Ross and some friends and family. Ethan's turned out great. I can't wait to send them to him. I'm tickled pink with my loot. It's the best prize I've won so far.
If you join minted now they will give you $25 toward your first purchase. Also, shipping is very reasonable.

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