Monday, May 9, 2011

Yeah, I'm Cool

These are the waves here in Maui.

Tejal, Ross, and I took a surfing lesson this morning. Tejal has been surfing before, so she was a pro. I was able to stand up on my first try and rode the wave a good ways. After that I went brain dead and forgot what to do. On my last try I rode in standing up the whole way, and I was even able to stick the landing. My fear was that I was going to get frustrated, but I didn't get upset at all, and it was a lot easier than my first time snowboarding. I came out with only a scraped knee and one bruise (one very painful bruise.) Also, I'm sore from all of the paddling. I am so glad that we went surfing. Surfing is something I'd definitely do again.

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Nicole said...

Wow. Now you've got snowboarding AND surfing skills, color me impressed. Watch out there now.

Okay, and the video of that beach, it both looked wonderful and relaxing, and caused me rage because I'm not there. I'm stuck in my windowless office at work in front of a computer. Boooo me!