Sunday, May 1, 2011

Four Years Later....

About four years ago I bought a pattern for wrap pants and bought some fabric to make them. From the start I had problems. The lady didn't cut the right amount of fabric, and I remember having to go back and get another piece. I chose a very cool-looking black burn out fabric. Bad idea--I should have remembered the trouble I had with my first sewing project in school.

I took sewing in Junior High (along with Industrial Arts). My sewing project was a satiny black bubble skirt. What a nightmare. It didn't help that the teacher was giving me bad directions and so I took it home (against the rules) and my dad helped me with it. My mom had tried to warn me that black material and satiny material are hard to work with, but being as stubborn as I am, I insisted (and ended up with double the trouble.)

Back to the wrap pants. The material was easy enough to cut and sew--at first, but then when it came to doing the hem I had trouble. I tried to use a sewing foot that makes a rolled hem, but where the material was burned out, it didn't flow smoothly and kept getting caught up. I threw a fit like a little kid and my mom ended up sewing the hem. I was mad because (like a two year old) I wanted to do it myself. I balled up the pants, thew them in a drawer, and there they sat for years.

I thought that these pants would be nice for my trip to Hawaii, so I dug around in the back closet and pulled them out. It turned out that the only thing left to do was attach the waist band ties. I ironed the pants and the waist band pieces. I followed the directions very carefully, and I finished the pants. It wasn't easy. The burn out areas didn't always sew nicely and came unsewn a lot. I didn't let it get to me. After a few nights I finished them up. Here's what they look like:
The back is actually supposed to wrap all the way around, and meet at the front, but I insisted on cutting them that size.
Ooooh, showing off my white legs.
This is what the pants look like laid out flat. They are huge.

I like the way they finally turned out. I actually bought some brown linen blend material and I'm going to make another pair. But first I'm going to alter the pattern so that they actually wrap all the way around. I have a lot of sewing projects I'd like to do. As soon as I get back from Hawaii I'm going to start sewing again.

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