Saturday, May 28, 2011

Green Thumb of Neglect

I've had the same little crawling cactus plant since 2005. It came in a pot with other cacti or succulents, but they didn't survive my neglectful thumb. Yep, I've killed cacti--usually with some kind of fungus. I pretty much ignore my cactus. When it starts to wrinkle and shrivel up, I water it.

Well, it seems that our rolling kitchen shelves have become a garden of neglect. On the front side I've got an onion and a sweet potato starting to grow. The backside has a sweet potato that's growing even better than the one on the front. I don't want to throw them out. At least not the sweet potatoes. I'd feel bad throwing out a plant that has managed to grow all by itself, against all odds. Maybe I'll plant them behind our condo building. I just think it's funny that I try so hard to grow herbs and flowers (without much success), but I leave food laying on the shelf for a couple months and it turns into plants.

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