Tuesday, May 3, 2011

80's at 8

The Cool TV is a new TV channel that is supposed to have all music all the time. I like to watch 80's at 8. I know the songs, but I've never seen most of the videos--for at least 3 reasons. First, we didn't have cable in the early 80s. Second, we were overseas in the mid 80s (and didn't really have TV at all.) When we did get cable in the late 80s I'm not sure we had MTV. I don't remember watching it.

I love to rock out to the hits of the 80s and I'm completely fascinated by the videos. Most of them are terrible, and very strange. I have no idea what a lot of the groups looked like. Now I get to see them in all their 80s glory.


Nicole said...

We watch CoolTV too! Ever since we discovered that channel, we watch it all the time. We don't have cable so we never get to see music videos. The blocks of commercials are so long though. But I guess they have to pay the bills somehow.

Disobedient Tiger said...

i love my DVR.
it randomly queues up 30 minutes of cooltv, so we can blast through the commercials.