Saturday, February 12, 2011

My First Time ... Snowboarding

I told Ross that I'd go with him snowboarding at least once this season. In case you don't know, I have skied before and I gave it up years ago. I didn't enjoy being cold, frustrated, scared, and in pain.

So yesterday we headed to Ski Roundtop to go snowboarding. I didn't want to be cold so I put on as many layers as I could. On top I had on a bra, two tank tops, two long sleeve shirts, a long sleeve cashmere sweater and two cashmere hoodies. All of that underneath my jacket. On the bottom I had underwear, a base layer, a leggings layer, and a sweatpants layer. All of that underneath my ski bib. I was also wearing a scarf. When we got into the sun I got pretty hot and took off one layer of cashmere. I never got cold (not even my toes), but let me tell you, I was soaking wet from sweat at the end of the day. I think I overdid it a little with the layering. Thank goodness I had a pair of jeans, a pullover and a long sleeve top in the car to put on afterward.

We just chilled until snowboard lessons at noon. I was not happy at the beginning of the lessons. We would slide down to the bottom of a small hill, then push ourselves back up the hill (like skateboarding), then do it all over again. I am out of shape. My heart was pounding, I was sucking wind. I was tired and shaking. I had problems with my bindings a couple of times, and it seemed like I never got a break (to rest).

After a few drills on the bunny slope we got onto the lift. I had no problem getting on or off. Ross said he's really impressed. Really, if that's all I had to do to snowboard, I'd have it made. We started down the hill, and I started having more fun (I wasn't having to drag myself and the board back uphill.) I learned how to slip and side and do the falling leaf. I did all right. I started to enjoy it.

Ross and I went back up to the top of the hill (I hesitate to call it a mountain) after the class and I was able to make my way back down without too many problems. The second run was not as smooth. It was downright painful and frustrating. The trail was too flat and I kept falling down. I landed on my sacrum a couple of times and it hurt. The third time down I did better. I was slow (especially to get up), but I was pretty impressed with myself. I managed to make it down with only a couple of falls. I really had to concentrate on which way I was heading and leaning, but I managed it all right. At some point on the second run I hit my left knee really hard and so after the third run I decided to take a rest. Ross did a few runs on his own and then I decided I was done. I went inside and Ross continued to snowboard.

Overall I had a good time. I never cried like I did when I went skiing. We are planning to go back with Ross's coworkers in two weeks. I've already started looking at snowboards on Craigslist because that's how I am. I want my own stuff. I prepaid for my next lift ticket and it comes with free rentals and free classes, so I don't need my own stuff quite yet.

This video shows my really slow going. I'm so glad Ross took this video. I can see that I'm bending my knees WAY too much (check out the snowboarders that pass me) and leaning forward.
Ross looks like a soldier from the video game Rainbow Six. He's decked out head to toe in black and looks super cool.

Here I am waiting for my class. I wore my sunglasses instead of goggles cause I don't have any. I'm happy to report that I still fit in the ski bib that my mom got for me over 15 years ago at a garage sale (and Ross still fits in his.) Oh, I was happy that my board and boots were Burton brand.

I told Ross that if my knee didn't bruise I was going to be pissed. It really hurt! Well, here's the bruise. My butt also bruised, but you probably don't want to see a photo of that.


k. said...

freaking awesome for the first trip. I was super impressed with her as she boarded off the lift like a pro (i busted my tookis first ride with k.(

k. said...

The bruises look even worse now, as they are an even darker purple.

Nicole said...

You look adorable snowboarding. And Ross looks like a total pro or at least he's dressed like one. But your poor legs. Yikes. That just means you're one tough chick.