Saturday, April 17, 2010

What is That Smell?

Tired of scraping myself with the plastic dispenser I decided to buy new deodorant last weekend. I've always used just deodorant, not deodorant with antiperspirant. Sometimes it can be hard to find. I have tried antiperspirants, but after one or two uses I always break out with painful red zits in my armpits. Not fun.

So there I was, at Wally World, looking for deodorant. I like it to be scented. They didn't have the one I had just run out of. I finally found a honeysuckle and tea tree oil one made by Degree. Of course it was more expensive than any of the other deodorants.

All day Monday I kept thinking--what is that smell? It was my new deodorant. It is funny how a new smell just stands out like that. Also, it is interesting how quickly our brains learn to ignore it. By Tuesday afternoon I couldn't even smell it anymore.

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