Sunday, April 11, 2010

New Shoes

I recently decided to buy some flats. I wanted them to wear to work. I have many problems with flats. 1. I don't like toe cleavage. 2. I have a narrow heel. 3. I find completely flat shoes uncomfortable. 4. I like to be taller.

I turned to my favorite shoe brand, Miz Mooz to find the perfect flat. Miz Mooz shoes are now available at Nordstrom, Macy's, and select boutiques, so I didn't have to go to New York City to try on or buy a pair. I ended up trying on a pair of (yellow) shoes at a store in Bmore and then ordering them (in green) online at Endless is affiliated with Amazon, so I was able to use the last of my Amazon money to partly pay for the shoes. After I ordered the shoes I went shopping at the mall. I was thrilled to see Miz Mooz shoes at Nordstrom Rack! They had a great pair of flats in red in my size, so I ended up buying them. So far the flats are pretty comfy. They need to be fully broken in. I've been wearing band aid tape on my heels to prevent blisters. The green ones are a little tight on my high instep, but I think they'll stretch.

I was talking to an old pal yesterday about shoes and how our husbands feel about us buying so many pairs of shoes. Ross summed it up this way: if they are heels, he approves, if they are anything else, he just doesn't care.

At Nordstrom Rack I also found a pair of heels--cheetah print fur heels. I love them and Ross approves. I now have over 30 pairs of shoes!

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V said...

Those flats look awesome! I'll have to keep an eye out for that brand at the Rack - they're really cute.