Friday, April 23, 2010

Another Night With Elvis

Last night we headed down to DC for dinner and a show. We had dinner at Marvin. Someone raved about their fried chicken and waffles, and I've really been craving fried chicken. We sat at the bar and I had my chicken and Ross had a burger. His burger came with fries so I got to have fries too. Yummy. My chicken came with collard greens, and I didn't like them. It's so rare for me not to like veggies.

After dinner we headed to the Warner Theater for the show. I was happy to see Elvis, but sad not to be seeing him in Texas. Odd, I know. One of the best things about the show was that all the other guys on stage were smiling and seemed to be having a good time. In fact, they seemed to be just as entertained by Elvis as I was.
We had great seats. This is the closest to the stage I've ever sat. I could see the sweat fly off Elvis when he moved.

A little rant--I hate it when people show up late to a show. Some people showed up really late. It is so distracting to have people walking around all the time. Some people lost their front row seats for a while...the seats were empty so Elvis invited the heads of the Republican party and the Tea Party representative to sit there. 5 people tromped down to the front and took the seats. When the real ticket holders showed up they couldn't take their seats and were standing in the middle of the aisle. Grrr. I enjoyed the show, but I wish people would come on time and stay in their seats.


Nicole said...

Wow. Those are some great pics. You guys must have been really close.

I've heard good things about Marvin's but they don't have many good options for non-meat-eaters. So I've been meaning to go just for the bar but haven't gotten around to it yet.

k. said...

Yeah, the chicken is the only kosher thing on the menu. Ross had to ask them to hold the bacon on the burger.

The main bar area isn't very big. The drinks were small, very strong, and 9 bucks apiece.