Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Doctor from Dublin

After lunch on my first day back in Texas where did I request to go? Fry's! I surprised even myself with that request, but I really needed a new camera battery, and that is the best place to find one. I have no idea how to describe Fry's. It is a gigantor electronic superstore. They sell everything you would need to build a computer from scratch, and they sell stuffed animals. That's the strange part. They sell a lot of things that you wouldn't expect to find in an electronic store. Oh, and the one we went to has an entire cafe on the inside.
Anyway, on the way out I got a craving for vitamin water. I never got that far. The first cooler I saw had Dublin Dr. Pepper in it. I had never had one before! I bought a couple and that satisfied my craving for something sweet. Ross said it tasted different than regular Dr. Pepper. I so rarely have Dr. Pepper that it was hard for me to tell. It was very sweet though. Mmmmm cane sugar.

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