Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Yoga Focus

The last few times I've been to yoga I have really tried to focus on drawing up my kneecaps. Keeping the legs strong the entire time turns yoga into really intense exercise. A while back my yoga teacher talked us through handstand. I needed her help to get up. I've been really practicing it since then. I think I've almost got it.
Today in class I was able to kick up into forearm stand from dolphin pose. I think I did it on my first or second try! I shocked myself. I was even able to bring my shins against the wall. My toes were pointing toward my head, but I don't think there were anywhere near it. I suppose it was a baby scorpion against the wall. Now I have something new to practice.
As in a lot of yoga poses I think the prep and positioning are actually more important than strength. I started in downward dog and then brought my right knee to my chest and kept my toes on the floor. I think that is important. I'm really up onto my toes. I think it helps if I shift my head down (to look at my feet) and my weight forward. I kept doing this step by step, but it is a lot easier to get upright if I do it in one fluid motion.
I kick off the right toes and swing the left leg up.
Almost there.
Up into the handstand. I try not to lean against the wall. I think I need to bring my hands a little closer together. Oh yeah, my muffin top is all that!

The plan is to go to yoga twice this week and twice next week. I'm trying to get back in shape.

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Nancy said...

What muffin top? You look great! I am listening to your acoustic mix now..its so good. Miss your good energy in class.