Friday, November 27, 2009

Numbers and Timestamps

2:30: Alarm went off, the wind howled and I rolled over
2: Number of pairs of socks, pants, and sweaters I put on
2:41: Tied my shoes
3:08: Arrived at Best Buy
41: Temperature according to my car
242: My approximate number in line
4:20: Received a voucher for a laptop
8: Gig of RAM the laptop has
2: Number of pages I managed to read while standing in line. At first I was so far behind the store there were no lights to read by.
5:00: Doors opened
A Pair: I need to grow one. I didn't say anything to the pair of guys that cut in line right in front of me as we were walking toward the door.
2: Number of lines I stood in
1: Number of things I bought
3: Number of people I saw selling their vouchers
5:38: Got back into my car
500: Gig of memory the laptop has
5:57: Climbed back in bed
7:00: Had breakfast with Dad and Ross
7:10: Went to bed with Mom
9:47: Woke up
3: Number of other stores I might brave today

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