Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Big Birthday Trip

We headed to NYC to celebrate Ross's birthday. In a way I'm sort of sad that we didn't have a dessert party, but we had plenty of desserts in the city.

Our treats included: orange ricotta lobster tail, berry tart, birthday cake from Magnolia bakery, pineapple sorbet, mascarpone sorbet, apple caramel tart with cinnamon gelato, chocolate napoleon with vanilla ice cream, strawberries with zabaglione, and lobster tail pastries with cream. I wanted to bring home a dozen of those lobster tails, but I resisted. I will have plenty more desserts to eat tomorrow.


V said...

Wow! Did you guys eat any "real" food?

Disobedient Tiger said...

way more than i should have!

before Broadway, we ate a 4 course meal (including a 3-dessert course!!)
stuffed ravioli, steak, duck. all drizzled in truffle oil!