Saturday, November 7, 2009

So Shiny!

I caught a glimpse of my rings in the shower the other day. Boy are they shiny! While I was home my dad cleaned and polished my wedding band and my two diamond rings. Wow! I forgot how they could all sparkle. My dad was even nice enough to clean and polish Ross's wedding band too.

Speaking of jewelry, I've been jade shopping online again. My mom wanted a jade pendant. So far I have bought her 3 different ones. While I was at it I bought myself a couple. I'll take a photo of them all when they come in. I have had my jade bangle for almost 2 years now. I am so itching for a new, smaller one. Dad says he'll shop for one at the jewelry show in February. I also saw a really nice jade cicada pendant online. Even Ross commented on how nice it is. Of course we like is 500 bucks. Well, 499! Hahaha.

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