Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I just want to whine. My piercing looks better after doing some salt soaks. Trying to get a cup of water inverted onto that area of the body is rather difficult. After 5 minutes half the water has leaked out. I kind of need a little oval shaped container, but I'm not going to go buy one. I am still totally obsessed with the piercing and I'm carrying around a hand mirror all the time so that I can look at it whenever I feel the need (every 5 minutes or so).
I'm also going to whine about my weight. My weight is up. I know some of it has to be water, so I'm going to drink lots of tea tomorrow. Still, I did reverse plank in class today and looked over into the mirror to see if I was straight. I about died when I saw my big belly protruding up towards the ceiling. It is huge! I look pregnant. My waist is about 2 inches larger than normal. I guess I need to lay off the salt and drink up my tea. I just made some tut tea (and took some magnesium), in case that's part of the problem (I think it is).
On the upside--my skin has been looking great lately. I think all the vitamins I've been taking help. Also, I am still taking anti-inflammatories, and that helps too. I have been much better about my skin care routine. Not perfect, but better. Same with my teeth. I have been wearing my retainer lately. I can see the difference.
Well, it is time to wash up with antibacterial soap and go to bed. I'm sure things will be better tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

I look at myself every five minutes, too. but i don't need a mirror.. giggity giggity.
I am freaking huge... my belly that is. It is tough not to use my full allowance for meals...
thank goodness that according to TV sitcoms, hot chicks love the big guys...