Sunday, April 6, 2008

Movies, etc.

We went to the movies today. I haven't been feeling so well, so the movies is the perfect activity. No activity. Haha. Last Sunday we went and saw Horton Hears a Who. Today we saw Juno. We both really liked it. I cried more than I did at Dan in Real Life. It was partly cause I'm overtired. I wore my new pants from Fossil. Size 6 and 9.99! Woohoo! Even if i haven't lost any weight I've lost some inches. After the movies we went to the mall and had some ice cream. Piccolo Molo. Not exactly Amy's, not exactly gelato, but it satisfied my craving. I had kiwi and pineapple. Ross had cherry and white chocolate. There were definitely artificial flavors in there. When we got home I watered the garden. I'm all excited because my jalepeno plants each have one little white downward-pointing flower. My other pepper plant also has a little bud that should open into a flower soon. I'm so stoked about the garden. Of course there are little holes everywhere where the squirrels have been digging. I'll have to go out and fix that tomorrow. I'm exhausted (from doing nothing, I assure you). I'm going to lay down now.

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